Food delivery

Food delivery on board. Quick and easy with Foodinghy

From the restaurant to your boat, at anchor or at the dock.
Foodinghy food delivery reaches you everywhere

Do you want to enjoy a great plate of pasta accompanied by a cool glass of wine or a delicious fish tartare with an iced drink? You don’t need to go ashore!
Foodinghy delivers your favorite dishes directly to your vessel.

At anchor or at the dock, it doesn’t matter where your boat is moored.
Foodinghy offers you a variety of dishes cooked by the best restaurants, to enjoy wherever you are.

Order from the best restaurants in the area with Foodinghy

Foodinghy selects from the best local restaurants.
We ensure their best dishes are delivered within 15 minutes from when it leaves the kitchen.

No stress on-board lunches with Foodinghy

There are quick lunches on a boat and then there are those that transform into a unique experience, where the pleasure of life on a boat, merges with that of good food.

It is not always possible to cook on the boat and enjoy a relaxing, even if quick, lunch But you don’t have to worry, Foodinghy will take care of your lunch.

With Foodinghy you can order many delicious dishes. Just one click and lunch is served!

aperitivo barca foodinghy

Experience special moments: aperitifs on the boat

The sun is about to set, the sky takes on all shades of red, orange and pink and is reflected in the sea. You just want to sit and admire the calm of dusk.

An aperitif on the boat after an intense day of sailing is what you need to relax and truly enjoy the sea.

At anchor or at dock, the Foodinghy pilot is already on its way to deliver you a delicious aperitif to enjoy on the boat at sunset.

Dinner on board without sacrificing the taste

Romantic, alone or in a group, whatever the type of dinner, preparing good dishes on a boat can be challenging.

Some boats lack the proper space or even a kitchen; some evenings, however, you may lack the desire to cook, because as we know, boating is demanding.

In any case, you don’t have to give up on eating well. Download the Foodinghy app, choose your favorite dishes and enjoy a well-deserved dinner on the boat.

How does the delivery work?

Ordering tasty dishes from your boat is effortless with the Foodinghy app:

1. Download the app

2. Register or log in

3. Select location and port

4. Choose Food Delivery service

5. Select what you want to eat

6. Enter location details and complete your profile

7. Select time slot for delivery

8. Pay Online

And voilà! We’ll take care of the delivery!

In port

If your boat is moored in port, one of our operators will deliver the food directly to the dock.

At anchor

If you find yourself at anchor, no problem. Your delivery will arrive on time on board our dinghy!

Locations covered by the service

And other regions...
Download the Foodinghy app and discover all the locations where the service is available

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